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Chaste Tree

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ChasteTree formula balances hormone and estrogen levels for uterus health, progesterone and fertility. Aids in reducing heavy bleeding making menstrual cycle more manageable minimizing irritability, symptoms with menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (pms), decreases congestion in the pelvis.

When estrogen and hormone levels in the body are imbalanced, it can cause fibroids to grow leading to ailments that weaken the immune system causing mass cell growths and lumps in the uterus. Chaste Tree aids in balancing these levels for a healthy uterus.

Squeeze a filled dropper under tongue or add 30 drops in water, and drink.

For a desired effect Chaste Tree should be used over a period of time.

Ingredients Chaste tree berries extract (vitex agnus-castus), alcohol. echinacea.
May contain particles of dried berry. Take caution if pregnant.


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